VA FIRST Robotics Teams Moving Up

Quite a few FIRST Robotics teams in Southern Virginia, in particular in the SVRTC consortium, were successful in winning out over competing alliances in District and Regional events. The SVRTC wishes to recognize those teams in general and hopes to see this as the continuation of many more successful seasons. I find myself smiling and enjoying a sense of pride when I see our teams go up against teams with big sponsors like Northrop-Grumman or NASA and come out the winner. It demonstrates the talent our mentors and teachers provide each year while they are training our students to build the robots. It also attests to the character and dedication our students put forth as well. When I visit a team and see 10-20 or more students there on a Saturday working on their robot and doing so with the enthusiasm I’ve seen when they are playing video games. There are two programs I routinely watch with pride each year as their students step up and demonstrate the best behavior. They are Band and Robotics. It’s rare to take 10-100 students on long distance trips and see them answer without challenge the directions given them by their Coaches and mentors. Go to one of the competitions and watch the teams for yourself and I expect you will be amazed. It can be addictive, you know, working with the students. I know. This will be my 19th season…

The list shown below is a copy from the FIRST web site. It includes all Virginia Teams  including those that are within the SVRTC consortium area and the MBC Southside and Southwest area. You may be able to see the entire page entire page here, but if not the bulk of the seasons info can be seen here. Those numbers in Bold and Red are members of the SVRTC or the SOVA-R Alliance.

Virginia FTC Teams

3595 Schrodingers Hat
3749 Bionic Penguins
7117 Blockheads
8297 Geared Up
10358 Squatch Watch

FIRST Chesapeake FRC Teams

Table with FIRST Robotics team numbers.
The new 2019 season is just around the corner. Start making plans now to become a mentor and help your local team succeed this year, or become a volunteer at one of the events (more info here). There is room and the need for volunteers is always high. If you’re not interested in becoming a mentor and working with the students one-on-one then consider becoming a sponsor. Your local team struggles each year trying to raise additional funds to cover the cost of hotels, food, transportation, registrations, materials, tools, and the list goes on. Even small donations like $20 add up when enough people contribute. Again, check with your local high school team coach or principal for more information on how you can help out. The video below will help you get a taste of what it’s all about!

SVRTC IT Staff Spent February in Training

2018_Training01The Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) provided SVRTC IT staff
two opportunities in February to participate in two extensive training courses. The first course,
Deploying VMware vSphere Course by Learning Tree International, was offered on February 5 –
8, 2018 at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston, VA. Eighteen
participants from eleven SVRTC division were present.

The second course, Microsoft Hyper-V, was offered February 19-23, 2018. There were seventeen
participants from ten SVRTC divisions in attendance. This session was also held at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston, VA.

IT environments will always require support staff to keep up with the latest technologies. Today,
these technologies include virtualization and the cloud. Both the four day VMware course and
the five day Microsoft Hyper-V course provided the knowledge and skills required to design and
implement virtualization in enterprise environments.

Also attending were 4 employees from the SVHEC (3 for VMware and 1 for Microsoft).
The participating SVRTC divisions included: Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Cumberland,
Franklin City, Halifax, Henry, Hopewell, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Patrick,
Petersburg, and Sussex.

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