SVRTC 2019-2020, Awardees

In March, SVRTC was prepared to celebrate its 25th year of ‘Educating Southside School Divisions in Emerging Technologies’. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our annual awards banquet was cancelled. While it has taken a while for us to figure out the best way to celebrate our awardees, we found four special guests to help us celebrate our SVRTC awardees and announce our (long overdue) competitive award recipients for Division Leadership Award and Technology Leadership Award:

Officially, our competitive awards were announced at 3:30pm, Thursday, December 10, 2020 through ITTIP’s Youtube channel video premiere, SVRTC 2012-2020 Banquet Awardees. Recognition for each SVRTC division Teacher, Technology and Support awards were also distributed early in the Fall and shared as Twitter posts from both the ITTIP Twitter and SVRTC Twitter accounts. There is also slideshow available with pictures and descriptions of those awardees.

Congratulations to all our 2019-2020 awardees!

2020 Awardees

SVRTC DivisionAwardeeSVRTC Technology Award
Amelia County Public SchoolsBrittany ThomasTechnology Teacher
Amelia County Public SchoolsNicole Zabrosky
Instructional Support
Amelia County Public SchoolsDavid AudleyTechnology Support
Appomattox County Public SchoolsLucas WardTechnology Teacher
Appomattox County Public SchoolsJanet RawesTechnology Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsRegina WilliamsTechnology Teacher
Brunswick County Public SchoolsKimberly LynchInstructional Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsChristina ForbesTechnology Support
Buckingham County Public SchoolsLaura HolderTechnology Teacher
Buckingham County Public SchoolsMelissa HanesInstructional Support
Buckingham County Public SchoolsPatrick MooreTechnology Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsEmily Preuss-AndersonTechnology Teacher
Charlotte County Public SchoolsKari JoynerInstructional Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsBetty PillowTechnology Support
Colonial Heights City Public SchoolsKristin AcchioneTechnology Teacher
Cumberland County Public SchoolsEvan JonesTechnology Teacher
Cumberland County Public SchoolsDr. Sherri AlmondInstructional Support
Cumberland County Public SchoolsJack McCutcheonTechnology Support
Danville City Public SchoolsCori SowersInstructional Support
Danville City Public SchoolsGary ElliottTechnology Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsJenney WaltersTechnology Teacher
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsChristine FerrellInstructional Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsTimothy AmpyTechnology Support
Franklin City Public SchoolsShonda Robbins-ParkerTechnology Teacher
Greensville County Public SchoolsTabitha OwenInstructional Support
Halifax County Public SchoolsJenifer JonesTechnology Teacher
Halifax County Public SchoolsAnn TingenInstructional Support
Halifax County Public SchoolsVeronica RaneyTechnology Support
Henry County Public SchoolsAmanda JohnsonTechnology Teacher
Henry County Public Schools
Beth WilliamsonInstructional Support
Henry County Public SchoolsRenee SnodgrassTechnology Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsPaul KarabiacTechnology Teacher
Hopewell City Public SchoolsBryan DoughertyTechnology Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsSomer BrownInstructional Support
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsHope ScottTechnology Teacher
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsPatricia ClaryInstructional Support
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsKristin PeeblesTechnology Support
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsBrittany HarrisTechnology Teacher
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsChrystal ElmoreInstructional Support
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsMatt RulliTechnology Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsMichelle GarnettTechnology Teacher
Nottoway County Public SchoolsRonald MorrisonInstructional Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsJason HuangTechnology Support
Petersburg City Public SchoolsJohna VazquezInstructional Support
Pittsylvania County Public SchoolsRyne GammonTechnology Teacher
Pittsylvania County Public SchoolsAmy BaynesInstructional Support
Pittsylvania County Public SchoolsRandy McCannTechnology Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsCarol PippenTechnology Teacher
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsSharon CarterInstructional Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsRobert ManderbaughTechnology Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsTony IrbyTechnology Teacher
Sussex County Public SchoolsPaulette NowellInstructional Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsEric ByrdTechnology Support

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