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Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium
Brunswick County Uses LEGOS to Engage Students in Interdisciplinary Learning PDF Print E-mail


Legos 2

Under the instruction of the Brunswick County Public School's Gifted Education Teacher Mrs. Melissa Powers, Second through Fifth grade students are utilizing LEGO kits to expand their knowledge in the areas of Science, Mathematics, and Technology.



These hands-on activities allow the students to embark on the creation of simple machines. As they develop their knowledge base, students use add-on kits to explore Pneumatics and Renewable Energy as power sources. An introduction to robotics is also included and these guided activities result in the development of individual projects.





9th Annual SVRTC Technology Awards Banquet PDF Print E-mail



Image of Dr. Johnson



The 9th Annual SVRTC Technology Awards banquet was held at Longwood University on Monday, March 16, 2015 with a welcome provided by Liz Jamerson, SVRTC Co-chair.  Dr. Larry Johnson delivered the keynote address during the event.  Dr. Johnson is an acknowledged expert on emerging technology and shared his insight with SVRTC members.  The banquet was well attended with over 100 teachers and administrators present.  Senator Frank Ruff was also present and assisted with the award presentation.  In addition to the technology awards, a special award was presented to Dr. Manorama Talaiver, Director of ITTIP, which acknowledged her committment and support of the SVRTC over the past ten years. 

Makey Makey in Colonial Heights PDF Print E-mail


Ms. Anne Cromer, a mathematics teachers from Colonial Heights High School, collaborated with Robyn Green, Gifted and Talented teacher, to make an exciting experience happen for both high school and elementary students. High school students worked with all three Colonial Heights elementary school's 5th graders  in January to peer support them in using Makey Makey.  Elementary students worked in groups, with support of a high schooler, to put the device together and make it work as a game controller. After getting the device to work, they then began to explore with different "things" that could make this controller work. Cromer, a participant of ITTIP's PI STEM, learned about Makey Makey during the summer 2014 workshop.  As part of her experience in PI STEM, she brought back various tools to integrate into the classroom, including Makey Makey.


The high school students received very positive feedback from the elementary students and teachers, and plan to start an after-school robotics group and visit the elementary schools several times during the year working with all grade levels.



WHRO Presents at November SVRTC Meeting PDF Print E-mail

Along with the regular business items, SVRTC members heard a presentation by guest speaker, Brian Callahan from WHRO Education on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at Nottoway High School Mini Auditorium.  Mr. Callahan explained the history of WHRO and the services they provide.  WHRO offers a broad range of free and fee-based online content and development services to school divisions including online courses, professional development, educational software, instructional design and production services.  Presently, there are sixteen SVRTC school divisions that have accounts with WHRO.

2014-09-19 Meeting - 3D Printing PDF Print E-mail

Angel Andy

Our 2014 year began with a great presentation on 3D printing during our September meeting of the SVRTC. Angel Bonham and Andy Rothenberger, Instructional Technology Resource Teachers for 3D PrintersSpotsylvania Public Schools with over 40+ years of experience between them, presented methods and techniques for using 3D printing as part of project based learning.

Leveraging innovative and energized teachers was one way to increase the possibility of success using 3D printing technology. In their case, Josh Blum was the catalyst behind getting 3D printing into the classroom and using it successfully. Josh, an art teacher, may seem an unlikely candidate for 3D printing. However, his interest revolved around the ability to reproduce models of rare and interesting models of art that he used to peak the interest of his students.wingedvictory

In addition to the 3D models and other resources brought by Angel and Andy, Longwood University brought in its dual-filament Makerbot for SVRTC members to see. The Longwood Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices also put their Cubify and Solidoodle 3D printers on display. Bill Wilson provided information to the group on the capabilities and cost of the various models.

More information can be obtained by viewing the powerpoint presentation used by Angel and Andy. The presentation can be downloaded here.

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